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Our inspiration

comes from far away

Sweet Sunshine Productions

Born of admiration and devotion to those golden years of Hollywood.

That fascination for those movies, that glamour and style that made them timeless classics. Our goal is to make a good product taking care of every detail meticulously.

Furthermore, we wish to give priority in our projects to women with an artistic trajectory, the great forgotten in the industry. We value experience as a treasure that will give brilliance and solidity to our work.

In the era of globalization, we also consider the different accents that each actor can bring to his character to be rewarding.

We dream so hard that our wish is beginning to come true…

Our goal

Sweet Sunshine is a production company that covers a very wide range of possibilities: short films, theatre, cinema, television, radio, advertising, among others…

We are looking for screenwriters, actors, directors, photographers, graphic designers, make-up artists, costume designers and executive producers with a large human and technical team for our database.

Are you interested? Please send your information to:

We dream of a product that radiates beauty. We want talent and creativity to move us and make us shiver.